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       Since 1978, Heartfelt has been traveling weekend and weekout delivering a strong message of hope and joy to believers. Heartfelt is arguably one of the most sought after and beloved part-time gospel groups on the road today. Heartfelt is mainly Southern Gospel with a little country flair. We sing a variety of styles: Southern Gospel, country, and traditional. However one describes the groupís style, there is no question that the message is pure God and one of boundless joy. All the signs indicate that God is challenging Heartfelt, taking them to a new phase of ministry. We've gone through different stages with our group. We went through a stage where we felt our mission was to sing to people about restoration; then we went through a segment where we had a ministry of hope. We feel like now we're in the beginning stages of a ministry of celebration and victory. We're moving into that phase with our music and with our presentation on stage. Certainly there is more than sufficient reason for celebration. We're seeing people saved, and we're seeing people healed.. Our prayer most of all is for God to use us, and for us to be in his will wherever he sends us or whatever he wants us to do. That includes ministering honestly from the stage through the acknowledgment of real-life pain and the victory of God's healing. Of course, we're maturing in age, but we've also matured spiritually because of the trials we've faced personally in the last 35 years. God has placed us in the position of living the songs, and when you have lived a song, you can really get the message across. We're getting the message out there that God does care and there is hope. Our hearts are committed to winning souls. We're planted, rooted, our feet are grounded, and we just want to encourage the Christian and win souls for Christ.

       In September of 2020 we will start our 43rd year in Gospel Music. We have completed 9 recordings to date. We basically sing a 3 part harmony with a full live band. Our band consists of piano, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar, drums, and a sound engineer. We travel in a self-contained 40 foot Silver Eagle diesel coach.

       Heartfelt has had the privilege of singing in almost every church denomination. We travel in an 8 state area that includes Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and of course our home state of Missouri. We totally depend on the Lord for all aspects of our music ministry and our life. There are times when it gets hard to travel as much as we do, but when we see one life changed, one person encouraged, we rejoice and realize our many miles traveled were not in vain.

       Heartfelt members are Randy Barron, Bob Marler, David Price, Jeremy Marler, Connor Price, Bobby Johnson, Carrie Hines, and Rob Hines. Heartfelt is currently booking our 2020 schedule and we would count it an honor to be part of your plans. To book Heartfelt call Bob Marler at 573 701-3992 or email us at Heartfelt would like to say Thank You to everyone that has supported our ministry throughout the years.